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EACH International Conference on Communication in Healthcare 2016

We proudly announce the 14th International Conference on Communication in Healthcare (ICCH) organized by the European Association for Communication in Healthcare (EACH), which will take place from 7th till 10th September 2016 in Heidelberg, Germany.

Following a successful 2014 meeting in Amsterdam, attended by over 600 participants from 43 countries worldwide, Heidelberg will host the next EACH conference in September 2016. The conference is hosted by the University Hospital of Heidelberg, Department of General Internal Medicine and Psychosomatics and the Medical Faculty of Heidelberg University.

EACH is an interdisciplinary non-profit organization which brings together researchers and trainers in the field of communication in healthcare. A hallmark of EACH conferences is to foster interaction and exchange among participants. By doing so, the conference provides an excellent opportunity to reach the objectives of EACH: to facilitate the exchange of ideas and products of teaching and research activities across a network of individuals and institutions in Europe and beyond.

EACH is associated with and supported by the scientific journal Patient Education and Counseling. In organizing the conferences, EACH works closely together with the American Academy on Communication in Healthcare (AACH), who is the main organizer for the ICCH conferences in the uneven years.

Our conferences capture the teaching as well as the research part of communication in healthcare and focus not only on doctors, but as much on nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, dentists, etc. The conferences are therefore of interest to trainers, teachers, health care professionals and researchers.

The Pairing with colleagues program at Heidelberg ICCH is now open for matching. For more information click here

Conference topics:
  • - Basic and applied research in communication in healthcare
    - Research methodology
    - Teaching clinical communication skills
    - Assessing clinical communication skills
    - Implementation science and knowledge translation in health communication
    - Patient perspectives
    - Patient participation and empowerment
    - Patient decision aids
    - Ethical issues in communication
    - Diversity and cross-cultural communication
    - Communication and quality and safety
    - Gathering information/clinical reasoning
    - Communication and emotion,
    - Empathy
    - Communication in chronic conditions
    - Information provision
    - Shared decision making
    - Health literacy
    - Health behaviour change
    - Risk communication and medical decision-making
    - Team and Inter-professional/interdisciplinary communication
    - Communication technology, e-learning, serious gaming and social media
    - Psychophysiology

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